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Terms & Conditions for Voucher Promotion

- Voucher: Get SAR 250 free voucher with every SAR 1,000 purchases of any home items (Free vouchers to be redeemed on all categories)
- Promotion to start from 28th January till 6th February 2021
- Free vouchers can be redeemed on the same day of purchase (The system should not allow issuing on the 2nd transaction)
- Voucher validity until 6th of August 2021
- Customer to present the original copy of the invoice to redeem the free voucher
- Voucher is applicable in all the Eddy branches but not valid on the E-commerce channel
- No Elite points & Neqaty points for these transactions
- Customer is eligible for exchange as per the stipulated return and exchange policy and in the case of canceling the purchases or the unavailability of stocks, then the value of the used voucher will be deducted from the total invoice
- In case of partial refund and usage of the voucher, the voucher value will be calculated based on the rule: for every SAR 1000 purchase, SAR 250 gift voucher will be issued

Furniture Return & Exchange Policy

1- A customer who pays for goods and has not taken delivery, can cancel his goods within 15 days can be made without a fee. Cancellation is acceptable after 15 days against a fee of 5% of the value.
Reason for those fees: By booking goods then canceling customer is preventing the sale of those goods to other customers and consequently hurting the business. Furthermore, cancelation and refund require administrative efforts.

2- A customer who purchases and has the goods delivered to his residence can return the goods as per the following terms:
a) If goods received have manufacturing defects like a change in color after delivery or the peeling of wood due to glue defects or defective springs on seats or defective mechanisms etc. EDDY would offer the customer repair options unless it’s not due to misuse.
b) If goods are delivered but the customer wants to return as he is not satisfied with the choice and there are no defects. A charge of SR 500 is imposed per truckload inside the city in which the purchase was made.
c) If Wooden furniture is delivered i.e. bedroom, dining room, dining chairs, nightstand, dresser, etc. are delivered and installed then return is not acceptable.

3- No returns or refunds are acceptable after 72 hours from purchase.

4- The policy above applies to goods sold outside the sale period. If sold during a sale period goods cannot be returned or refunded.

Return and Exchange Policy

In case you are not satisfied with your product(s) you can request to return / exchange (within 7 days after delivery) and shipment fees or/and Bank transfer fees will be charged to the customer (the product should be packed in its original packaging upon purchase along with all its accessories and user manuals)

In case the customer refuses to receive his order for any reason, shipment fees or/and Bank transfer fees will be charged to the customer

In case product(s) is defective, within 2 days from the date you receive your order, you can request to return the product(s) to Eddy (contact 920033299). And Agency technical report is a must to approve a return/replacement

In case of return or exchange, the product should be packed in its original packaging upon purchase along with all its accessories and user manuals.

The return and exchange policy does not cover the defects caused by ignorance, abandonment, misuse, failure in following the user manual's instructions, the product is used for different purposes other than its main one, or due to partial or complete defect to the product.

Refunds of Credit Cards processed purchases will be made through the customer's bank and that process might take up to 14 working days depending on the customer's bank system and a cash refund will not be applied.

All Products sold are covered with Standard Manufacturer and Agency Warranty.

Warranties are granted on certain sold appliances, varying from one agent to another as per their associated policies.  Eddy is not responsible to fix, repair or exchange any item that does not contain this feature in the warranty, in addition to that, any repairs out of warranty will be charged at the customer’s expense upon advice prior to proceeding in maintenance. In all cases, the warranty is not included the appliance’s accessories.

Items bought during sales campaigns and clearance are not subject to return, nevertheless, it can be exchanged in case of manufacturing defect only and that will happen right after the agency assessment.


  • Software, video games are non-returnable.
  • Due to hygienic reasons Health & Beauty products (shavers, epilators, oral/ dental care…) are not subject to any return, replacement or refund, unless found defective within (2) days. And agency technical report is a must to approve the return/replacement
  • Mobile phones, computers, gaming devices are not subject to any return, replacement or refund, unless found defective within (2) days. And agency technical report is a must to approve the return/replacement
  • Printers, faxes, copy machines, supplies, and accessories are not subject to any return, replacement or refund, unless found effective within (2) days. And agency technical report is a must to approve the return/replacement


Conditions of Use

The use of our portal is only available for capable users who can represent themselves legitimately as per the KSA's prevailing laws and regulations.  Individuals that are not capable to legally represent themselves are not allowed to use the portal as per the local contracts law.

If you are underage (less than 18 years old) you still can use the portal services under parental control or legal custodian provided that such custodian/ parents are pledged to the use terms and conditions.

Users may be responsible for the portal use outside of KSA and that is by adherence to that area's local laws and regulations.

These terms and conditions are the only valid ones and supersede any previous conditions, commercial representations, verbal agreements, or any other understandings unless otherwise mentioned for a certain service or product.

In using the portal services, you will be committed to adhering to these terms and conditions.


Portal's security

You are not allowed to violate or attempt to violate the portal's security, and that shall include but not limited to, the following:

Accessing any information that is not assigned to you or accessing the internet server, or trying to access any third party's account without official consent.

Attempt to explore or test the system's security levels and trying to hack the security system or its associated security layers without official consent.

Attempt to disrupt the system or interfere with the services provided to third parties or network host, and that shall include and not limited to, spreading viruses on the portal, or overloading it with heavy emails and spams in any mean of communication that might hinder the network.

Sending any spam messages that might contain commercial advertisements for products or services.

Stimulate aiming to forge an internet protocol or email address or any part of website and use such in email communications or email group.  These violations are hindering the system or the security will result in civil and criminal penalties in most cases.

You should agree not to use the system resources of the hardware or software or any way to confuse or interfering with or attempting to interfere with the functioning of the Website or any other activity or service provided by the site. The Website will investigate for any such activities that may involve such violations and will be cooperating with the competent judicial authorities to prosecute and apply the necessary punishment on the person or persons involved in such violations.


Privacy policy

We are aware of our responsibility to protect your personal information and we take this matter very seriously. We believe that your personal information is one of the most important resources we have. We store your personal information and process it through our secured servers using high-security technology systems. We are also using third-party verification and approval of the principles of the privacy of our Web site comprehensive services. If you disagree with our treatment of your personal information by transport or use any means system, please send your request to EDDY.COM.SA or you can avoid the use of the website services.

We do not sell or rent your information to any third parties without your explicit consent.


Registration – My personal Account

The registration process will include your personal information which was provided to us to complete your transaction and to communicate with you as well, using your personal information concept shall be approved by you and updated, and that is to be able to deal and finalize the registration process and to also confidentially deal with your identity during the registration process of finalizing the purchase transaction and the electronic payment.

The information you provide during the registration process is protected data in accordance with the terms of the privacy protection policy mentioned above. Your personal information is part of the record of your dealings with our services. In the case of your use of our website, you will be responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your personal account and password in addition to block access to your PC / computer and you are responsible for all operations that are performed by using your personal password.

The website will not be liable to any person for any loss or damage that may arise due to your failure to protect your password or any other information related to your account profile. If you suspect the presence of suspicious transactions in your account, please contact us immediately through our communication center customer service number 920033299.


Electronic Communication

Consent to use the site and our e-services, you agree to receive electronically all forms of our messages through e-mail or newsletters or notices and alerts advertised on the website. Based on that you implicitly agree that all electronic transactions sent to you by us are legally binding and treated as linear transactions.

You are entitled to observe, record, and save any phone call or e-mail or any other form of electronic communication with you and for the purpose of communication and for training purposes in order to verify the advice and observations and directed us to improve and develop the quality of service provided to our customers.


Shopping Cart

We reserve the right to full regard to determining the number of selected materials for each person or per family or per request in the "shopping cart". It is applied to determine the demands on the materials that were ordered from the same account, the same credit card in addition to the applications that use the same shipping address or billing address system. We will send an alert to the customer in the case has been applied to determine the material system on his account.


Product details inventory and prices

Our permanent and relentless quest to provide accurate and comprehensive information about our products (such as product and price and product specifications and illustrations and technical characteristics) the availability and provide comprehensive information on the services.

Taking into account the maximum limits of precision in the presentation of colors of the products on the website, but what you see in the colors of the phenomenon of the site depends primarily on your screen settings and this is beyond the scope of our control where we cannot confirm definitively approved the color settings of your screen.

Publishing products or services details (including but not limited to: newsletters marketing and advertising and business presentations and offers magazines and small publications) on the website is no guarantee on the availability of products or offers or prices, either through e-shopping or at the show either directly.

Some errors may occur during the process of providing the product or service and the provision of detailed information about the prices on the website. The website cannot provide you with affordable products individually or know the total cost of the product or service until the receipt of the request mail is completed. In case the request and invoice for certain product or service and price were incorrect or the information was wrong for the receipt of an error in recording the correct price or product or service information are entitled to the website in this case either to continue with you to illustrate this error and how to deal with him or cancel your order and notify you of this cancellation. If your application is accepted and has followed up electronically, the total cost will be calculated and deducted from your credit card account, and we will notify you by e-mail that the payment process conducted properly.

With all of our efforts to provide the lowest prices in Saudi Arabia, some differences may happen between the shown retail prices and the prices on the website. We strive to offer you the best prices on the website as well as all of our showrooms, however, some differences in prices may get between the website and the prices at the show. The "Best Price Guarantee" service items are not offered on purchases through the website.

The availability of products as well as prices is subject to change without prior notice.
Eddy has all right to ignore or cancel any order that has more than one unit per item even if the customer place more than one order by the same item