Eddy announce the SR 100 riyal gift voucher free with every time you book your stay with OYO hotels, during your stay enjoy the comfortable living in every OYO hotel and while you check out get your money back through Eddy gift voucher. SR 100 gift voucher can be redeemed in all the eddy stores across Saudi Arabia, your eligible to buy products like laptops, appliances, TVs, furniture & Home Furnishing. The vouchers will be applicable on promotion & non-promotional products, Eddy also proudly announce its lowest price guarantee all items.

Mechanics of promotion

Promotion Date: April 1  - April 30, 2019

Voucher is valid till May 30, 2019

Voucher issue conditions

-          Every customer stay with OYO hotel eligible for SR 100 Eddy Gift voucher

-          Voucher is valid till 31 May

-          Voucher is applicable in all the Eddy stores across Saudi Arabia

-          Voucher will be canceled during the cancel or refund


Voucher redemption conditions

-       Voucher will be valid for one time purchase only

-       Voucher is valid on all departments & Categories except Mobile

-       One voucher for one transaction only

-       Voucher balance amount cannot be refunded in cash or voucher

-       Voucher Cannot be redeemed for cash

-       During redemption no voucher should be issued

-       Voucher can be redeemed in all the stores in Saudi Arabia even if its not issued from the city

-       No Elite or Neqaty points applicable for voucher values

-       In case of damaged or lost – cannot be issued again

-       During redemption balance amount can be paid in all other payment modes